Nazca Tours

The city of Nasca, located two hours from Ica, is a semi-arid valley famous for its enigmatic lines and figures embodied in the Jumana pampas that can be seen in a 30-minute overflight, for those who fear to fly we offer the option to see other figures from the Palpa and Nasca viewpoints.

This Culture stands out for its extraordinary talent in the art of pottery, ceramics, textiles that can be seen in the Antonini Museum that exhibits pieces found in the Cahuachi ceremonial center; considered the capital of this culture.

Proof of the great intelligence developed by our ancestors was to build the Cantalloc Aqueducts, a hydraulic work from which they obtained water all the time and which is still in use today. You will also know the only cemetery in Peru that allows you to appreciate the mummies in their original graves, the Chauchilla Cemetery.