Cusco Tours

Cusco, the majestic capital of the Incas. Today, it is the ideal place to explore its various tourist attractions, exploring the majesty of the Renaissance-style Cathedral built in the 1560s, for its construction red granite stones were used and brought from the fortress of Sacsayhuamán, this fortress is a great example of the Inca military architecture. The stones are so perfectly aligned that no fine knife could penetrate their joints even though no clay was used to join the stones. The walls have 22 salient and reentrant angles on each level.

Get to know the amazing city of Ollantaytambo that maintains ancient traditions, such as tilling its fields with foot plows and El Templo del Sol Coricancha - Santo Domingo Considered one of the most revered and respected temples in the city of Cusco. Macchu Picchu considered the "Navel of the World", located 70 kilometers from the city of Cusco surrounded by precipices that lead to the Urubamba valley, in addition to visiting the Sacred Valley of the Incas and visiting the Pisac market.