Huacachina Tours SAC not only organizes private tours for small groups, families or individuals, we also organize complete programs for companies. This includes the organization of meetings, conferences, incentive trips, events and optional activities.
Our expert in planning and support in this area focuses on the logistics of the work, thus ensuring the success of your program, giving clients the ability to simply convey their message and thus meet the expectations of the attendees. We can provide accommodation, organize dinners or lunches with dance shows, receptions and excursions of all kinds.
Some of the most requested excursions for groups are the Dinner in the Desert, the Tubular Car Walk, which is complemented by sandboarding, the excursion to the Ballestas Islands and the Walk to the Vineyards following the pisco route.
Below you can find a selection of events that we have organized for companies such as PAMS, BAYER, PFIZER, DHL, BLACKBERRY, among others, so you can have an idea of ​​what we can offer you and what our services are like.