OverFlight Nazca Lines from Nazca city.

Price per person US$ 140.00

Tour Description:

The Nazca Lines are mysterious figures made on the sand, covering an area of 350 km., these figures represent different animals and plants like The Spider, Monkey, Dog, Lizard, Hummingbird, The Condor, some of these fugures are 15 to 300 meters and with a depth of 30 cm. approx.

According to Dr. Maria Reiche who has devoted much of his life to the study of these lines, its is the largest astronomical calendar of the world.

This package Includes:
- Transfer from hotel or bus station to the aerodrome Maria Reiche.
- Overfly Nazca Lines of 30 min.
- Transmission of video information on the Nazca Lines in the waiting room.
- Delivery of certificate of flight over the Nazca Lines.
- Permanent Assistance.

End of service.

** Airport Tax Not Included**

Daily Departures:
Morning and Afternoon.

- We need a minimum of 2 participants for this program.
- The flight schedule is subject to change due to weather condition and air traffic.

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