4WD Tours

Peru is a wonderful country where one can enjoy its beautiful landscapes. The Andes is a lovely region as well as the coastal region with distinctive cultures and amazing sceneries. However lots of beautiful places are difficult to reach by normal car due to the bad road conditions, especially the more remote areas.

Therefore we will start offering from 2010 on 4x4 vehicles to special places in the Andes region so that you can enjoy these places at all comfort in modern vehicles.

Tour Options:

One of the tour options we offer is the road trip from Nazca to Cuzco passing the villages of Chalhuanca and Abancay. The road to Cuzco is a paved road, but if you want to enjoy the beautiful attractions of Chalhuanca you will need a 4x4 vehicle. We will leave Nazca early in the morning towards Chalhuanca passing the Pampas Galeras where you can enjoy this special ecosystem with its vicuñas. Enjoy the emptiness and remoteness of this landscape. At night you will arrive at hotel Tampu Mayu in Chalhuanca. This rural hotel is lovely and constructed like an Andean village made of local materials.

The next day we will enjoy its attractions like the agricultural terraces of Caraybamba which dates back from the Wari and Inca period. Other attractions are the ruins of Huayllaripa and the stone forest of Ruiromucco Ccarachipampa with its rock formations in animal forms.

On the way to Cuzco we will visit the old hacienda and the archeological complex of Saywite while in the meantime we enjoy its beautiful landscape with ice capped mountains and green areas; a huge contrast comparing the day towards Chalhuanca. At night you arrive at Cuzco where you can enjoy this ancient Inca city.

Another option closer to Lima is Yauyos where you can enjoy 70 kilometers of walking routes, enjoy mountain biking or simply enjoy the lovely scenery. Hotel Viñak is surrounded by flower fields and located in a breathtaking landscape. The hotel is comfortable with heating, panoramic restaurant and a jacuzzi outside to enjoy the scenery while you relax in hot water.

For more information about our 4x4 tours and prices please contact us at ventas@huacachinatours.com.